"Teecha, no! Teecha, why?"

I English Koreans and take too many pictures of my cats.

"Girl, yo selfie game weak." #selfie #catsarejerks #judgingyou #catsofinstagram
Yellow dust season? I think you mean SEXY DUST season, amiright?
(for those unfamiliar, yellow dust is a phenomena in Asia where sulfur dust from China mingles with spring air and is spread all over the damn place… it’s basically a respiratory nightmare. Of course, not only China is responsible, because I also live within walking distance to an industrial complex which is regulated about as heavily as China regulates theirs…)
TL; DR: The air sucks and I’m trying to not die.

101 NOTES!!!


101 NOTES!!!

This is probably a long shot, but I’m looking for a courier here in Korea to take my cat, Duyoo, as a carry-on to Detroit for me sometime in July/ April…
Don’t get me wrong, he’s coming to Detroit regardless, but I’d really prefer to avoid either having him be cargo/ using a pet transport service… it’s much cheaper/ less stressful if he can come as a carry-on.
(Dubu is already flying with me, since she’s more sensitive and susceptible to stress-related health problems… Duyoo is a simple chap and would be just fine as long as there was someone nice around to poke him every now and again)
So, if by chance you live in Korea and are flying home to Detroit this summer… let me know if you’d be willing to take a furry friend along as a carry-on. Obvs I’d take care of all the paperwork/ costs…
My bestie is the best bestie to ever best. Seriously, this is all of my favorite things. So happy I could explode!




Why can I never stay healthy in this country ㅜㅜ

im coughing so much i taste blood




Dudddddddeeeeeeeeeeee get tested for TB. The infection rates here in Korea are through the roooooof. Get that shit checked out, yo.

"Sucks to your fruits." #catsarejerks

"What are you watching?"
Took this big baby to the vet’s today. He was great on leash, and not a hint of aggression. He wanted to make friends with all the little shitzu and poodles on the road. The looks on the faces of the old women when a tattooed foreigner walked by with this big guy… Priceless.

This cat can open a fridge but yet cannot operate a normal cat bed. He’s a special kind of special. I love my little saber-toothed idiot so.